Over the years we've recorded and released some amazing music.

"Medicine Show Live, Vol. 1" was recorded at our very first event and features live performances by Sonny Landreth, BeauSoleil, Coteau, Basin Brothers, The Clickin’ Chickens and Native Sons.

"Medicine Show Live, Vol. 2" is currently out of print.

"Medicine Show Live, Vol. 3" is our most recent release. The two-CD set features live performances by The Bluerunners, Zachary Richard & Sonny Landreth, Bas Clas, Filé, Sonny Landreth, Dirk Powell, The Hardheads, The Garth Alper Trio, The Traiteurs, Balfa Toujours, Chris LeBlanc Band, Rufus Jagneaux, The Nouveau String Band with Marce Lacouture, and Veillee.